Thank you so much for considering a session with me! I would love to make your acquaintance, and of course, you should know a little bit about me as well. I've been photographing portraits and weddings for the past 13 years. I started doing boudoir about 8 years ago. Since I knew it could be a bit of a scary experience, before I did my first session, I had myself photographed first. Though it was a little nerve-wracking, it really helped me realize what the experience is like and how to make it better for my own clients. In order to take my work to the next level, I have attended a few workshops and I truly believe that what I have to offer is an genuinely amazing experience!

Along with my beautiful studio and my stylists who help with each and every session, I'm ready to make you feel absolutely incredible!

A little more about me... I'm a wife and mom of two - a sweet and smart little girl with an attitude and her absolutely adorable - and - feisty little sister. I love to photograph (obviously!), read, play with my daughters, go out to eat (Italian, please!), and generally just relax and enjoy life. I look forward to learning more about you next!

(above image by Miranda Parker)