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Thank you so much for considering a session with me! I would love to make your acquaintance, and of course, you should know a little bit about me as well. I've been photographing portraits and weddings for the past 13 years. I started doing boudoir about 8 years ago. Since I knew it could be a bit of a scary experience, before I did my first session, I had myself photographed first. Though it was a little nerve-wracking, it really helped me realize what the experience is like and how to make it better for my own clients. In order to take my work to the next level, I have attended a few workshops and I truly believe that what I have to offer is an genuinely amazing experience!

Along with my beautiful studio and my stylists who help with each and every session, I'm ready to make you feel absolutely incredible!

A little more about me... I'm a wife and mom of two - a sweet and smart little girl with an attitude and her absolutely adorable - and - feisty little sister. I love to photograph (obviously!), read, play with my daughters, go out to eat (Italian, please!), and generally just relax and enjoy life. I look forward to learning more about you next!

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We would love to talk to you about your very own all-inclusive boudoir session. Please fill out the contact information below and I will be in touch to schedule your consultation right away.

Remember, if you are hesitant, these sessions are amazing and empowering. You are worth it!

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Boudoir is all about learning to love yourself and to feel confident with who you are, in your own skin. That's what I'm here to do. My all-inclusive boudoir experience includes your time at my studio, hair and make-up by one of the two best make-up artists in the Grand Rapids area, and beautiful finishing of your images. We have many collections and products as well as payment plan options to fit whatever you are looking for.

We offer consultations to show you what we are all about and chat about your session ahead of time. It's a great time to get together and discuss what kind of amazing images we can make together! Similarly, I will also have you back when your images are ready for an in-person reveal, which is when you can choose your collection or products. It's a great experience and I'm excited to offer this to my clients!

Please click CONTACT above if you want to know more, or if you are interested in booking a session with Silhouette Boudoir. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all. We would love to see your fabulous self in the studio soon!



It is my goal to make your boudoir session the best it can be, so here are some kind words from some of my recent clients on their experience with me:

Miss A - "I did [my boudoir session] to celebrate my hard work at the gym and because I wanted to celebrate my body and feel beautiful in my own skin! Jenna did an amazing job!"

Miss J - "Unless you're a Victoria's Secret model, having someone photograph you in lingerie is quite the intimidating experience. I'm happy to admit, I was very nervous at first. However, Jenna made me feel right at ease very quickly. I had my hair and makeup done on site by her stylist and she did an AMAZING job. Seriously, I've had my hair and makeup done quite a few times and they don't even compare to this work. By the time I got home to my fiancé I felt like goddess. I had so much fun! 

And the photos! Oh my god, the photos! I had no idea I could look so beautiful! Jenna truly brings out the beauty that our significant others see in us rather than all the flaws we see in the mirror. I couldn't stop looking at them when she sent them to me! My now husband even told me he looks through the book we made him as a wedding gift again and again when I'm not around.

I can't recommend Jenna enough. She's the best... I promise! I have seen boudoir shoots my friends have done with other photographers and they don't even compare to her work. 

I can't wait until I book Jenna to do this again... Because I will for sure."

Miss E - "I’m going to start this post by explaining that I’ve always hated pictures of myself. I did a mini session with Jenna and was amazed at how they turned out! I could never see myself like this before this experience with her! It’s amazing what a boost it is to your self esteem to pamper yourself a little and have some photographic proof of how gorgeous you really are!"

Miss T - "Jenna is absolutely amazing. I felt so comfortable during the entire photoshoot. She made me laugh, she directed me but also let me play around as well. I would totally do this again and I highly recommend every women to book with Jenna."

Miss A - "Jenna is wonderful! She makes you feel so comfortable and beautiful. Such a great experience!"